It is not easy to find high-quality, engaging and effective materials to learn Russian language as many of Russian resources on the Internet do not meet the expectations listed in their description. I have analyzed tons of Russian language resources to create this simple guide for you to make your choice. You will find here both free and paid resources to learn Russian language efficiently. I am a passionate language learner myself and I know how hard it can be to find really engaging materials to learn a new language. That it why I take it very seriously when I recommend any materials to other people. You can always contact me if you have any additional questions regarding these Russian language resources.


Check out these free Russian language resources that will help you boost your vocabulary, understand Russian grammar, improve listening skills and fell in love with Russian language.

Free Video Lessons

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Free Authentic Videos

Learn Russian with great authentic videos (movies, TV-series, cartoons)

with Russian and English subtitles

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Download this FREE Roadmap to learn Russian language (your personal step by step guide)

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Free Russian authentic resources to learn Russian language

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Russian-English similar words and cognates | Learn Russian

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Read and Write Russian Script

This book teaches you how to quickly and efficiently recognise letters and common words in Russian script.

Michel Thomas Method

This is the best audio course EVER. Don't even try to find a better one, it does not exist. Check it yourself.

Russian Short Stories

A wonderful collection of easy and fun Russian stories accompanied with realistic dialogues .


Short Stories in Russian

Interesting short stories with audio created by a famous polyglot Olly Richards.

Russian Dialogues

More than 100 simple dialogues that can help you handle everyday issues in Russia. 

501 Russian Verbs

Provides a list of the most common Russian verbs, their conjugation and examples to use in speech.


Intermediate Russian Stories

Interesting short stories for Intermediate students with great vocabulary and tasks.

Michel Thomas Intermediate

The best method to actually start speaking without grammar drills and boring exercises. 

Russian Grammar Book

Time to polish your grammar. This books is a great tool to learn Russian grammar in depth.