10 Best Russian Books for Intermediate Students

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

List of the most useful books to learn Russian for intermediate level

There are tons of books for Intermediate Russian language students...

but not all of them are really worth using. I have analyzed lots of various resources for Intermediate students during my teaching experience and I decided to make an honest review on the best Russian books for Intermediate level. You can be assured that these books are really of a high quality and will help you improve your Russian really fast.

Read my guide and choose the best Russian books for you. Please, note that if your purchase any of these books with provided links, I will get a small commission that will help me maintain this blog. However, be assured that I recommend you only high-quality books I have used myself to teach.

Here is a list of these amazing books to learn Russian for intermediate students:

1. Perfect Russian Intermediate Course: Learn Russian with the Michel Thomas Method

This is the most amazing language course ever. But don't expect any miracles. This Russian language course is really the best course to give you the basics to actually start speaking Russian. It does not provide much emphasis on grammar but rather help you understand the system behind Russian language. Believe it or not, but you will start speaking Russian with almost no grammar knowledge. However, there also some cons of this method as it does not teach you written Russian, only conversational. Therefore, I hightly recommend this Russian course only as a starting point. It will boost your vocabulary and make you feel more confident speaking Russian language.

2. Intermediate Russian Short Stories: 10 Captivating Short Stories to Learn Russian

It is very important to find really captivating and interesting stories to improve your Russian at Intermediate level. This book contains 10 great stories on various topics that you will find easy to relate to.

Each story is carefully chosen and introduces certain grammatical patterns in an easy and efficient way so that you don't need to memorize any Russian grammar rules. There are many natural dialogues in each story that one can use in everyday situations. Overall this book will help you boost you Russian vocabulary, painlessly learn useful Russian grammar patterns and improve your general comprehension. You will find a list of words with translation in English after each chapter.

3. Short Stories in Russian for Intermediate Learners

Here is a famous story book for Russian language learners. If you have already read their book for beginners, you should know how it works. There are eight interesting stories in a variety of genres, including science fiction, crime, history and others. This makes it really fun to read this Russian stories and you learn new Russian words without even noticing it. They provide real-life dialogues that will improve your conversational Russian and give you more confidence speaking Russian. Russian grammar is presented in a friendly relaxed way without putting emphasis on grammar rules. Therefore, you learn Russian grammar a natural way. This book also provides a list of all difficult Russian words with English translation. Just great!

4. The Routledge Intermediate Russian Reader

Another interesting book to read for Russian language learners. This book is a perfect resource not only for Intermediate students but also for more advanced levels. There is a great range of various topics covered in this book, including culture, history, society, science, business world and others. Therefore, you do not only learn new Russian vocabulary, but you also discover some important insights about life in Russia. There are clear and useful exercises that help enhance your understanding. List of words are provided for each chapter with English translation. Overall, it is a great Russian book for someone who wants to learn more academic vocabulary in Russian.

5. Russian Vocabulary Course (Michel Thomas Method)