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Watch Russian Movies and TV-series with Russian and English Subtitles for FREE

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Collection of Russian TV-series and movies with subtitles

If you are learning Russian language, you MUST watch Russian authentic materials like Russian movies, TV-series, TV-shows, cartoons, documentaries and others. It depends on your interests and goals but watching authentic materials is essential for Russian language learning.

Why? Well, even the best books will not help you learn real Russian language that you can hear in everyday life. Russian idioms, slang, derived words - this is what you won't find in ordinary books. In addition, you can significantly improve your pronunciation and listening skills. In brief, watching Russian authentic materials is paramount in Russian language learning. But where to find these Russian movies, TV-series and cartoons with subtitles? Let me help you with that!

I have made a thorough search and found tons of great authentic materials with Russian and English subtitles. You can find a full guide on free Russian authentic materials here.

You can also watch a series of my videos with dual subtitles and explanations. Here is an example of these fun Russian video lessons.

And what about the Russian Lord of Rings? Have you already watched this masterpiece?

You can watch two parts of this hilarious movie with dual subtitles in Russian and English by following this link - Russian Soviet Lord of the Rings with English and Russian subtitles.

Here is a list of channels and websites where you can watch Russian movies and TV-series with subtitles:

A great website to watch hundreds of Russian movies with foreign subtitles. You can choose a genre, a year, language of subtitles and a country of origin.

Another good website to watch Soviet Russian movies with English subtitles (+ other foreign languages). Some movies are completely free to watch and some require you to pay for a subscription.

A website where you can watch foreign movies in English with Russian subtitles. It can also be a good practice to see how you can translate some speech from English to Russian. Check only the movies where it is written "Русские субтитры".

One of the most popular YouTube channels for Russian language learners. Lots of good TV-series with both Russian and English subtitles of different genres.

A YouTube channel with great Soviet movies. Various subtitles available. Please, note that Russian subtitles are not really on time for some movies. Subtitles for other languages are overall correct.

A great YouTube channel with great old Russian movies and TV-series. Many of them have Russian and English subtitles (+ other languages).

Another StarMedia channel where you can find Russian TV-series and movies only with Spanish subtitles (TV-series are different from the ones on StarMedia).

A YouTube channel with lots of authentic materials. A great part of their resources provide Russian subtitles. Just look through the list of videos and find those with CC under a title.

It is one of the most famous Russian platforms with interview-based videos and some amazing documentaries mainly about Russian cities, politics and events. Many videos provide Russian, English (and other languages) subtitles.

A simply amazing channel of a man named Lyadov who travels to different (often dangerous) places and shows the real life of people. Some videos provide Russian and English subtitles.

A great channel created by a man named Varlamov who makes honest reviews of cities and lives of people in Russia and other countries. Many videos provide Russian, English subtitles.

An amazing channel with simply wonderful Russian cartoons based on fairy tales and legends from various nations living in Russia. Almost all cartoons which start with the words "Гора самоцветов" in their titles provide subtitles (Russian and English).

A great channel with Soviet and modern Russian cartoons. There are lots of cartoons and just some of them provide subtitles (ru and eng). You need to look through a list of cartoons and find the ones where it's written CC under the title.

A wonderful channel with my favorite modern Russian cartoons. Some of their cartoons have English subtitles. There are also some funny songs with subtitles. Just have a look!

A humorous channel with popular song videos where they change the lyrics according to what is really happening in the video clip. Text is provided in Russian so it is also a good tool to practice new words as they are given in a particular context + contain everyday slang words.

This is just a small part of all free resources with Russian movies, TV-series, TV-shows and cartoons that you can find on the Internet. You can find more materials in the following video.

Guide on Free Russian resources with Russian and English subtitles.

Russian movies with subtitles
Russian movies and TV-series with Russian and English subtitles


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