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My slogan is
"Learning Russian language
should be fun and engaging"
Hello! My name is Mila
Привет! Меня зовут Мила
Russian language teacher,
founder of Hack Your Russian learning platform

How to learn Russian language? 

This is the most frequent question that I get on a daily basis.

Well, Russian language (as any other language) is just a system. And what you need to do is to hack it.

Yes, Russian is not an easy language. But, what language is easy? And if Russian language was easy, everybody would speak it and it would not be a challenge anymore. Look at the process of learning Russian language as a challenge. You should not treat your everyday lessons as a burden or a mundane activity.


Learning Russian language should be seen as a wonderful journey during which you discover new and interesting things everyday. Forget about the ways languages are taught at schools. This is useful only for people who want to know grammar rules and some basic vocabulary they cannot really use in everyday life. Learning is a creative process and it should make you feel excited, curious, motivated and not bored and tired. If you want to know more about the process of learning Russian language, download my Roadmap to learn Russian language

Yours sincely,


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