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Russian Handwriting Course

Would you like to learn how to write in a beautiful Russian cursive easy and with fun? Then this course is perfect for you. You will not only learn how to write in Russian cursive yourself and understand it easily, but you will also see how Russian people usually write in real life. Russian handwriting is indeed very different from printed letters. And therefore you need to learn it if you want to understand not only printed Russian materials, but also Russian handwriting. Moreover, you will really find it enjoyable to learn and write in Russian cursive rather than writing with printed letters. And you will easily memorise these handwritten letters with fun and engaging practical exercises.

What does the course include?

  • Video lessons for each Russian letter with a separate animation files to show you how to write them;

  • Video demonstration of writing Russian letters and connecting them between each other;

  • Useful insights on how to write better in Russian cursive;

  • Beautiful worksheets to practice writing Russian letters in cursive;

  • A PDF guide with all materials and useful tips;


You will practice writing with creative and fun worksheets:

  • Dare to write it!

  • Dare to understand it!

  • Let's sing it!

  • Letter to the Future;

  • Very Cursive Games;

  • Cursive Gymnastics.

Enjoy learning beautiful Russian cursive! See you in the course!

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