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7 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Russian Language for Free

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Discover a list of the most awesome Russian language YouTube Channels

Best YouTube channels to learn Russian for free

There are lots of YouTube channels to learn Russian language at the moment, and their number is growing every year. And that is just amazing because you can learn Russian language absolutely for free if you find good quality video lessons. There are numerous Russian language channels on YouTube that you cannot easily find in search as some of them are new and others are really good but not as popular as the others that were created a long time ago. Overall, I believe that anyone can learn Russian language by watching such video lessons on Russian YouTube channels that can help you learn Russian language absolutely for free, from anywhere and anytime.

However, I personally find that some of these channels focus too much on Russian grammar or explain the same things in different words. I have created my own chart of the Russian language channels with the most interesting, unique and original content. And I divided these channels by topics and by language proficiency levels. I hope that you will find it useful and if you have your own suggestions, feel free to share.

Here is a list of the best YouTube channels to learn Russian language:

If you have been learning Russian for some time, you have definetely heard about this Russian language channel. The host of this channel Fedor is doing a great job explaining some tricky grammar rules as well Russian vocabulary that poses difficulties to Russian language learners. The way he is presenting new topics is well-structured and he provides necessary examples. He mostly uses English language to explain new topics but you can also find some videos where he speaks entirely in Russian to make you practice your listening skills in Russian. This Russian language channel is recommended to learners from beginner to intermediate levels.

Hello! It's Mila from Hack Your Russian. Yes, it is my Russian language channel and I hope you don't mind that I included it in this list. I have started my Youtube channel not so long ago. The goal of this channel is to make your learning experience entertaining and interesting. To achieve this goal, I include excerpts from Russian movies and TV-series that do not only show you how we speak in real life, but also provide some interesting cultural insights. The content of this Russian channel is great for any level, from beginner to intermediate (though advanced level can also find it useful as I am using a lot of slang in my videos).

I am personally a fan of this Russian language channel because Nika, a host of this channel, did a lot of hard work to improve her content and to become one of the best Russian YouTube channels at the moment. You will find tons of useful materials on her channel, from grammar explanations to vocabulary lessons. No matter what level of Russian proficiency are have, you will always find something interesting for you on this channel.

Although I am not a huge fan of teaching Russian grammar the usual way, I find that this channel About Russian in Russian is really good. You will find lots of videos with grammar and vocabulary explanations in Russian. This Russian language channel will be mostly useful for more advanced learners (starting from B1) as all explanations are in Russian. However, the tutor is speaking quite slowly and makes it easy to understand by using good examples.

A gret channel for Russian language learners who prefer learning Russian language a natural way by listening to real-life conversations and speech. A big advantage of this Russian language channel is that they provide Russian and English subtitles for all their videos. So you can start watching their videos even with a low level of Russian language proficiency.

Russian with Max is an amazing Russian language channel with authentic materials to learn Russian language. You can buy the script for his videos if you find it difficult to understand him speaking. He speaks slowly and his presentation skills are really great. Most importantly, the topics he chooses are really interesting and engaging. Highly recommended for more advanced students of Russian language (starting from B1).

Want to learn more about Russian language culture? Then this YouTube channel is the best. You will find all necessary information about mysterious Russian soul, tasty Russian cuisine, strange Russian traditions and habits. The host speaks in English, so it is not a Youtube channel to learn Russian language but rather to understand mentality of people who speak this language. Highly recommended to anyone learning Russian language.

This is it! This is a chart of the best Russian language channels based on my teaching experience and personal opinion. I know that there are many other Russian YouTube channels out there but I find them either outdated, not original or copying others. However, you can have your own opinion on this topic and I invite you to share your favorite channels to learn Russian language in the comments section.


Hello! My name is Mila and I am a founder of Hack Your Russian language platform. You can find me here:

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