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Interesting stories in slow Russian | Free Russian language resources

When you are learning a new language, it's very important to listen to authentic materials as soon as possible. When it comes to Russian, it's even more important because you can't simply learn the grammar, you need to surround yourself with the environment that will allow you to grasp Russian grammar patterns subconsciously as Russian natives do when they are kids. However, simply listening to Russian audios will not make you learn Russian if you are not familiar with the vocabulary and have no idea what people are talking about. The best choice for beginner and elementary Russian learners are to listen to interesting stories in slow Russian. Find below some stories in videos with subtitles that will help you boost your Russian vocabulary, discover interesting things about Russian culture, history and language. The list will be updating on a regular basis. So, you can check this page from time to time.

Stories in slow Russian

Easy Russian story about Putin

Find out how Vladimir Putin spends his day. You will learn useful Russian vocabulary on the topic of daily routine. The story is given in the Present tense.

Easy Russian story about Joseph Brodsky and his cats

Joseph Brodsky was a Russian and American poet and essayist. In this easy Russian story, I tell about his special love towards cats. The story is given mostly in the Past tense.

Slow Russian story about a Soviet war hero Devyatayev

This is an story about a Soviet fighter pilot Mikhail Devyatayev known for his incredible escape from a Nazi concentration camp on the island of Usedom, in the Baltic Sea.

Russian Story in Slow Russian | Interlinear Text in Russian

This is a Russian story that was used to show how the interlinear method of reading works.

The story is about a bear who ate too much snow and got ill.

How do Russians celebrate New Year | Story in slow Russian

Watch the video to hear me speaking about Russian people celebrating the New Year.

You will learn new vocabulary and discover some interesting Russian traditions.

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You can also start watching some easy authentic Russian materials: Russian Soviet movies,

easy Russian cartoons and TV-series with Russian and English subtitles.

If you have recently started to learn Russian language, you should absolutely get my free guide 'Essential Russian Words and Expressions to Understand Spoken Russian'.

This guide also contains audio files so that you can listen to these phrases on the go: while driving, walking, doing sport or brushing your teeth. Make sure that you repeat these phrases yourself and try to imitate my accent.

It's also very important to know how to pronounce Russian words correctly as not every Russian letter is pronounced the same way as it's written. There are certain Russian pronunciation rules that are really easy to learn.


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