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Learn how to count in Russian - Russian numbers

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

After mastering Russian alphabet, it is very important to learn Russian numbers especially if you are going to Russia.

Why? Well, because some people can take an advantage of you and might charge you much more than needed if you don't familiarize yourself with general prices in Russia. But in order to know the value of everything, you need to learn how to count in Russian.

It's not that difficult. Let's have a look!

Let's first learn how to count in Russian from 1 to 10

(In order to listen to how they are pronounced click here to watch)

Learn how to pronounce Russian numbers. Count in Russian easy
Let's count in Russian. Russian numbers with audio

Count in Russian from one to ten

And now from 11 to 19

Learn how to count in Russian from 1 to 19. Russian numbers with audio
Learn Russian numbers easy

Count in Russian from eleven to twenty

Great job! Now you know how to count in Russian from 1 to 20!


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