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How to say "Goodbye" in Russian (with a quiz) | Free Russian video lesson

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Different ways to say Goodbye in Russian

If you have already completed my lesson on how to greet in Russian, now you are ready to learn various ways to say goodbye in Russian. And believe me, it is as important as a greeting in Russian language.

There are formal, semi-formal, informal, colloquial and slang ways to say goodbye in Russian. While you can use just a few of them, it is important to learn all various ways in order to understand and recognize them in Russian movies and TV-series.

There are several ways to say goodbye in Russian. Watch this video and discover these phrases. You will also find a brief script of the video followed by a quiz just below. Enjoy!

Here is what you are going to learn from this post (click for a quick access):

Free Russian Video Lesson "Ways to say goodbye in Russian"

Here is a list of different ways to say goodbye in Russian:

Formal ways to say goodbye in Russian:

1) До свидания [Dasvidániya] - Goodbye

Meaning: Until we meet again

Can be used both in formal and informal situations.

Sounds a little too formal if used with:

- Close friends;

- Family members, except for elderly people;

- Colleagues of your age.

2) Всего доброго [fsevó dóbrava] - All the best

Meaning: All the best, God bless you, have a nice day

A formal and very polite way to end a phone call, a meeting and any other social interactions.

Can be used with:

- Strangers, service workers;

- Acquaintances;

- Customers, audience.

Another form : всего хорошего (fsevó harósheva)

As well as Всего доброго can be used:

- In addition to До свидания

Ex. - До свидания, всего хорошего!

- Or individually

Ex. - Всего хорошего!

3) Прощай [prashchái] - Farewell

Meaning: Farewell, goodbye forever

Mostly formal, emotional and dramatic way to show that one is leaving for a long time (or forever). It is not used in daily conversations but you can hear/see it in movies, books and songs.

Semi-formal ways to say goodbye in Russian:

1) До скорой встречи! [Da skórai vstréchi] - See you soon

Meaning: see you soon, see you later

Can be used both in formal and informal situations.

Use it when you know that you will see a person again soon.

A short form of "До скорой встречи" - До скорого [da skórava] - See you soon

Informal ways to say goodbye in Russian:

1) Пока [paká] - Bye

Meaning: see you, bye

The most popular informal way to say goodbye

Can be used with:

- Friends, good acquaintances;

- Family members, except for elderly people (depends);

- Children.

"Пока" is often accompanied with a word "Давай" [davái]

Давай = let's

Ex.: Ну ладно, давай пока! (Ok then, bye!)

Russian people also often use just a word ДАВАЙ to say goodbye (very informal)

Ex.: - До скорого! (See you soon)

- Ага, давай! (Sure, bye)

2) Увидимся [uvidimsya] - See you

Meaning: see you, hope to see you again.

A more informal and friendly way to say "see you".

It shows your intention to see a person again next time.

Can be used with different groups of people:

- Friends, good acquaintances;

- Family members;

- Colleagues, etc.

Bonus phrases in Russian when you are a guest:

Спасибо за... [spasiba za]

Thank you for...

Мне пора [mn'e para]

I have to go

Нам пора [nam para]

We have to go

Валите [valite] - Get out / away

Meaning: get out, leave me alone

A very informal and slang expression to tell somebody that they have to leave.

It is OK to use it with friends or family in a funny way.

Don't use it with strangers and people you don't know well.

It is rude and impolite to use it with employees (as shown in video).

Пошёл вон [pashyól von] - Go away

Meaning: go away

A very informal and rude expression to tell somebody that they have to leave immediately.

It is NOT OK to use with anybody.

You can find the audio files with pronunciation of these Russian phrases in my free guide 'Essential Russian Words and Expressions to Understand Spoken Russian'.

It's also very important to know how to pronounce Russian words correctly as not every Russian letter is pronounced the same way as it's written. There are certain Russian pronunciation rules that are really easy to learn.

I hope that you liked this Russian lesson on different ways to say 'goodbye in Russian' and now you are ready to take a short quiz to check your knowledge.

Test "How to say Goodbye in Russian?"


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