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Russian Slang Words | Real Spoken Russian

There are a lot of slang words in Russian language. Some of these slang words can be really rude and should be avoid to be used. But there are also some really common Russian slang words that you should definitely learn if you want to understand Russian natives, watch modern Russian movies and TV-series. You may even hear Russian slang words in popular songs nowadays. In other words, even if you don't want to spoil your Russian with slang words, you will anyway hear them everywhere. And in fact some Russian slang words were already used in the time of USSR. In my video lessons below, I teach you the most common Russian words and expressions that are often used in Russian nowadays.

Common Russian slang words

25 common Russian slang words

Here are some key Russian slang words that you should absolutely know if you want to understand Russian natives.

Find more Russian slang words in the video lessons above.

If you have recently started to learn Russian language, you should absolutely get my free guide 'Essential Russian Words and Expressions to Understand Spoken Russian'.

This guide also contains audio files so that you can listen to these phrases on the go: while driving, walking, doing sport or brushing your teeth. Make sure that you repeat these phrases yourself and try to imitate my accent.

It's also very important to know how to pronounce Russian words correctly as not every Russian letter is pronounced the same way as it's written. There are certain Russian pronunciation rules that are really easy to learn.


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