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Top Interesting Russian Words Chosen by Russian Language Learners

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Favorite Russian words chosen by foreigners who learn Russian language.

If you are learning Russian language, you definetely have some words that you like the most. There can be different reasons for that: 1) funny sound; 2) interesting meaning; 3) word that made you learn something about Russian history or culture. Everyone has his or her reasons to explain. I always ask my students what their favorite Russian words are because it makes them recall the moments they first learned these words. This is a crucial part of your journey of learning Russian language.

I have asked my dear followers on Instagram what their favorite Russian words are and they kindly shared them with everyone. Let's have a look at these words now.

Russian word № 1

Interesting Russian words

First things first! Привет (Hi) is indeed the first word for many Russian language learners and it remains the most favorite one after they discover a formal version of greeting people, which is Здравствуйте (Hello). Don't hesitate to speak in Russian and say Привет to your Russian friends.

Russian word № 2

Favorite Russian word

The word "рождение" - birth. We use it in a phrase Happy birthday - С днём рождения! [s dnyom raj-DEH-nee-yah].

Russian word № 3

It's very important to know polite phrases in Russian if you want to make a serious and moody Russian person smile. Пожалуйста [paw-JAH-loos-tah]is a great word as it has several meanings (please, you are welsome, here you are, go ahead). And it's true that this Russian word really shows your respect to people.

Russian word № 4

Interesting Russian words

Translation: My favorite word is "nothing" because this word has several meanings.

Ничего [ni-chee-vO] is indeed a very useful word as one can use it in various situations:

1) To respond to How are you? in Russian;

2) To say that there are no news;

3) To tell someone that there is nothing to worry about;

4) Direct meaning is "nothing".

It was actually a favorite Russian word of Otto von Bismarck who lived in Russia and spoke Russian very well.

Russian word № 5

That is interesting when some words from your target language sound like words of a completely different (and always funny) meaning in your native language. A Russian word "Тут" [tut] that means "here" is a sound of fart in Indonesian language. What a surprise!

Translation of the comment: My favorite Russian word is "Тут" (here) because this is a short but interesting and funny word. In Indonesian language this is a sound of fart.

Russian word № 6

Favorite Russian words

Here are 3 favorite Russian words of Emmanuel who is learning Russian language by himself:

1) Компьютер (kamp-YOO-ter) - a computer (as you can notice this is an international word);

2) Картошка [kahr-TOSH-kah] - potatoes;

3) Надежда [nah-DEJ-dah] - a hope (as there is a funny letter Ж).

By the way, Надежда is also a Russian female name (short version is Надя).

This is a great choice of favorite Russian words.

Russian word № 7

Translation: I like the word "самолёт" (a plane). Here is a story: it took me a long time to memorize this word even though I really tried hard. It seemed to me that it was a very strange word without any connection with words like airport which relates to the same topic. And then one day during breakfast it dawned on me that the word "самолёт" comes from words "сам" (self) and "лететь" (to fly). It is true that sometimes it's better to just give a break to the brain and let it figure out things unconsciously. Until now I cannot forget this word and it comes to me as a nightmare.

Russian word № 8

Тальяночка is a very interesting word. In fact, there are not so many Russian people who know what it is nowadays. It's a traditional musical instrument. And yes, there is a beautiful song with this name.

Russian word № 9

Unusual Russian words

Amazing choice of a word!

Translation: My favorite word is "мир" (peace) because this word has 2 wonderful meanings. This can mean "world" or "peace". This double meaning is very symbolic and unique for Russian language. I will never forget when I first saw a Russian version of the "Peace Declaration" by Lenin, the meaning is much deeper.

Russian word № 10

Translation: Разумный (rational) - разумеется (clearly). I used these word many times when I was in Russia. My tutor taught us these words. I think it is really cool.

Russian word № 11

Interesting choice of words.

Выставка [VIS-tahv-kah] - an exhibition

Обсуждаете [ob-sooj-DAH-yeh-teh] - You discuss (formal)

Russian word № 12

Заикание [zah-ee-KAH-nee-yeh] - stutter

Verb - заикаться [zah-ee-KAHT-syah] - to stutter. I stutter - Я заикаюсь [ya zah-ee-KAH-yoos].

I hope that you liked reading the comments of these wonderful people who are learning Russian language and share their insights.

What are your favorite Russian words?

Share them in the comments below.


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